Tuesday, September 28, 2010


林行止兩年到遊過三次,人口18萬但有18粒米芝蓮星的西班牙渡假小城San Sebastian,名不虛傳。剛巧碰着略有名氣的電影節,酒店好不熱鬧。市內沙灘是歐洲聞名,大清早沿着跑沙灘跑步,來回逾10K,一大樂也。San Sebastian 近年城氣急升,有靚景靚人靚食,我看長升長有。

San Sebastian 之後是古城 Seville,玩法完全不同,朝早要上巴士去景點,跑步時間講效率,要跑 Gym。Seville 間酒店好正,雖然個 Gym 係禁室,我都跑咗兩日。


我幾 Enjoy,我諗我真係鍾意咗跑步。

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  1. i just finished travelling for six weeks in some remote parts of china.. and i got so worried about lacking trailwalker training, i ran up and down many times on the 后楼梯 of the 五层 hotel for practice, since it's better than nothing. i didn't dare tell any of my travelmates, since they may think i am insane. haha...

    don't know if i "enjoyed" it, was really tough actually as there was not much ventilation in the backstairs. and after a while it seems to be the most pointless thing in the world. but oh well!