Friday, March 12, 2010

The Witch!!

這女巫神出鬼沒, 終於被我在SportSoho捉到了。

當Tony和我興奮地衝出西隧之際, 這女巫便出現眼前, 就似要告訴我們世事難料, 小心後面幾公里。 雖然你過咗我, I will be there….. 就像Tony所說的”女英雄”, 我怕會再突然見到佢從身邊走過, 然後嘴角一笑離我而去。

幸好女巫追不上我們, 但我真的有想過女巫會否跑到終點, 跑完會唔會飲番樽青綠色起泡出煙的特飲…
天氣咁熱都能保持這裝束跑到終點, 這位是超强法力的女巫!!!


  1. 我跑全馬差d比鯊魚人界到, 好彩都快過鯊魚人!

  2. 這張相又勾起這疑惑:點解我同Tommy要到西墜才追上女巫?

  3. hi, enjoy reading your blog much!! i am friend of herman, met your TW team one time at the tuckshop of tai mo shan carpark, when we were discussing how they add the new route that make it half an hour longer. in any case, so great u all finish under 20 hours, extremely inspiring!!

    i once wrote my humble thoughts on running, thought would share.. haha..


  4. Hi random, went to your blog, deep and great stuff. As a thinking person, you will fall in love with running sooner or later. Keep running, and keep thinking. See you somewhere up in the hills.